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Inspirational Story

Quiet Area Explodes I was canvassing in an area where not too many people were at home and most were elderly. As I was walking from home to home, a voice in my mind said to go to another area where there were children. We have always believed we must go to every home, regardless. I prayed in my mind, “Lord, what shall I do?” Just then across the road a three year old boy suddenly yelled out a window, which of course shattered the silence and immediately caught my attention.

I called at the home, and the parents of the boy ordered Family Medical Care, Today, Tomorrow and You and Vital Facts for Boys and Girls. Praise the Lord for His answer to my prayer.

The story does not end there. I continued to a house further down the street, where I was confronted by two huge bull terriers as I came through the gate. The owner was amazed they didn't bite me or even bark. They just licked my hand. Praise the Lord for His angels.

I canvassed both husband and wife, who loved the books and decided to pay cash on delivery in a month's time. As I was writing up the order, the wife said to her husband that she wanted to pay cash for Family Medical Care, Today, Tomorrow and You and Vital Facts for Boy and Girls a total of $410. Praise the Lord!

The elderly lady next door ordered the Stampley Bible and Today, Tomorrow and You. Praise the Lord for reminding me that we must go to every home regardless. - Uli Paga, Northern Area

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